Trousdale Pkwy: Creating a university community

October 28, 2019Trousdale.jpg

The square in the “center” of campus, where Trousdale and Childs Way intersect, has so much potential but is so ugly, hot, and heavily trafficked. The red brick is abrasive and reflects light and heat so that spending any time in the square is uncomfortable. If you stop to chat, you’re likely to be run over by pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, or souped-up golf carts.

Ripping up the red brick would be a good place to start towards improving the space, and laying down landscaping and pathways that better facilitate both pedestrian traffic and happenstance gatherings. I envision a space that takes cues from Tongva Park in Santa Monica. Something greener with some shade, with pathways, that direct traffic both through and around the square. A bike path in the center, sectioned off so that pedestrians don’t walk there (like those little cylinders or small curb, or even just semi-permeable landscaping. Paths could also direct you the corners of the square, that could be really great gathering spots so that events and larger groups of people don’t clog up the flow of traffic.